32 Helpful Things You Can Learn From Porn

“end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.

Sexual Intelligence

Pornography is not meant to be sex education. It’s fiction, period.

Nevertheless, with the enforced ignorance of abstinence-only sex “education,” most families’ and couples’ discomfort discussing sex seriously, and mainstream Christianity’s taboos about sexual reality, most people find themselves needing more information about sexuality.

If they’re fortunate, they manage to find a smart book or two, a reliable website or two, and maybe even an enlightened, open-minded, communicative sex partner. Anyone lacking all three who wants sex information inevitably turns to porn, whether intentionally or unconsciously.

Unfortunately, many young people don’t realize that porn is not a documentary. Lacking porn literacy or media literacy, they’re ignorant about editing, off-camera preparation, and other normal features of film-making. While some people assume that sex is—or should be—like what they see in porn, every good sex educator cautions against this. The most recent set of caveats comes from my good friend, journalist and…

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Better Sex: Tight Hand or Loose Vagina?

“end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.

Sexual Intelligence

I’m in New Zealand this week training a marvelous group of psychologists and sex therapists. In addition to issues such as intimacy, menopause, power dynamics, and medication side effects, we’ve spent some time discussing pornography.

Inevitably, someone raised one of today’s most popular myths: that there’s an epidemic of young men with erection problems. This is supposedly caused by all their masturbating to porn—getting accustomed to the perfect stimulation from their hand, thereby reducing their interest in, and satisfaction from, sex with a real woman.

I told my Kiwi audience that that’s one fact, one misunderstanding, and one complete inaccuracy.
* Yes, men are learning about sex from masturbating to porn, which is unfortunate.
* No, there is no epidemic of ED in young men.
* No, there is no epidemic of young men preferring masturbation to partner sex.

Seriously: go to any high school or college campus anywhere, and…

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Poets turn reporters to tell story of vulnerable citizens

“end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.
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Published on Feb 24, 2014
PBS NewsHour

It took months of digging through documents and interviewing sources for journalists at the Center for Investigative Reporting to flesh out myriad troubles at the housing authority in Richmond, Calif. But this investigation had a twist: three young poets from Richmond teamed up as part of the Off/Page Project to help report the reality for residents living in decrepit conditions.

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“end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.

Each One of us even though connected must wake up Individually to our selves.

We can do this collectively as Human Beings .All the Same but Different.